Exceptional cabinet plate featuring deep purple Amethyst crystals clustered atop matrix!
What a gorgeous specimen this is! The crystals are super gemmy and this allows the light to pass through the cluster, bringing out the deepest, richest Amethyst color imaginable, mixed with just a touch of orange along the back edge. This is probably the result of a small inclusion of Hematite. The Amethyst tips are complete and pristine, with the largest crystal measuring 8 cm in length. The Amethyst crystal at the upper right edge is actually doubly terminated. This is a tremendous specimen and it even sits on its own.
From the Goboboseb Mts, Brandberg Area, Erongo Region, Namibia.
Measures 10.2 cm by 10.4 cm by 8.6 cm in total size.

The Mineral Gallery, Inc.

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