Gorgeous Roselite Crystals

Gorgeous Roselite Crystals
Gorgeous Roselite Crystals. Photo Copyright © Quebul Fine Minerals

Roselite is a hydrated calcium cobalt magnesium arsenate mineral within the Roselite group. It was first described in 1825 for an occurrence in the Rappold mines of Schneeberg, Saxony, Germany and named by Armand Lévy after German mineralogist Gustav Rose. Roselite crystals are rare and make fine collectors specimens.
The pleochroism of roselite depends on chemical composition with darker rose colored varieties being higher in cobalt content and lighter rose colored varieties are higher in calcium and magnesium content.

Occurrence: A rare secondary mineral in cobalt-bearing hydrothermal mineral deposits.
Formula: Ca₂[AsO₄]₂·H₂O.
Colour:Rose-red, pink; rose ...

Locality: Bou Azer, Bou Azer District (Bou Azzer District), Tazenakht, Ouarzazate Province, Souss-Massa-Draa Region, Morocco

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