Rare "honey-yellow" 136-carat diamond discovered in Siberia

Rare "honey-yellow" 136-carat diamond discovered in Siberia

Workers in a Siberian diamond mine have found what could possibly turn out to be the world’s largest fancy vivid yellow faceted diamond. In late April of last year, a 136 carat rough yellow diamond was uncovered in the Yakutia mine by the Udachninsky Mining Company. The color of the stone is described as “honey yellow” and has an irregular shape.

The Idachninsky Mining Company is a subdivision of ALROSA, one of the largest diamond producers in the world. They supply about 25% of the world’s diamonds with mines in Russia, Angola, and Namibia. Many believe that Siberian diamond mines such as the one that yielded the 136 carat beauty produce the world’s clearest diamonds.

It is extremely rare to find a natural fancy coloured diamond of any size, let alone one of these proportions. Only 1 out of every 10,000 diamond carats found are naturally colored, and vivid yellow is among the rarest colors, which also includes pink diamonds. The intensity of yellow diamonds depends on the quantity of nitrogen present. The range of color grades for natural yellow diamonds are as follows: faint light yellow, fancy light yellow, fancy yellow, fancy intense yellow, and fancy vivid yellow.

There is a lot of potential to be seen from this diamond, but no plans have been made for it yet. There are other large diamonds that have been found in Russia on display at the Kremlin Armory Palace in Moscow, including 298.48 carat diamond discovered in 2004, a 320.65 carat diamond discovered in 1989, and a 342.5 carat diamond discovered in 1980.

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