V Shaped Fold Formation in Greenland

V shaped formation in Greenland
V Shaped Formation in Greenland.
Photo: Alistair Knock

A massive geologic fold erupts from the steep slopes of King Oscard Fjord, highlighted in the vivid reds and orange of this V shaped formation, Greenland.

The fold formation was created millions of years ago, when the North American Plate and the Greenland Plate collided. The collision caused the rocks in the area to be folded and compressed, creating the V-shaped formation.

The formation is made up of a variety of rocks, including sandstone, shale, and limestone. The red and orange colors of the formation are due to the presence of iron oxide in the rocks.

The V-Shaped Fold Formation is a popular tourist destination, and it is also a valuable scientific resource. Scientists are studying the formation to learn more about the geological history of Greenland and the collision of the North American and Greenland Plates.

V Shaped Fold Formation in Greenland

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