Amazing Angular Unconformity

The angular unconformity between the Brejeira Formation schists and metagreywackes and the Grés de Silves Formation new red sandstones at Telheiro Beach in Portugal is a dramatic example of the power of geological processes to shape the Earth's surface. The folded and tilted schists and metagreywackes of the Brejeira Formation, which date back to the Upper Carboniferous period, are overlain by the horizontally bedded new red sandstones of the Grés de Silves Formation, which date back to the Triassic period.

Amazing Angular Unconformity
Photo: Gabriela Bruno. credit: Francisco Sousa

This unconformity represents a significant gap in the geological record, during which time the Brejeira Formation rocks were uplifted, eroded, and tilted before being buried by the Grés de Silves Formation sediments. The angular unconformity is a reminder of the dynamic nature of the Earth and the constant interplay of forces that shape our planet's landscape.


 Discordância angular entre rochas metassedimentares (xistos e metagrauvaques) da “Formação de Brejeira” do Carbonífero e arenitos pertencentes à “Formação do Grés de Silves” (Praia do Telheiro, Portugal).

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