Incredible specimen featuring a dramatic spray of Azurite crystals with ps to Malachite!

For a miniature sized specimen, this piece carries a lot of weight when it comes to visual impact. There are well over a dozen crystals here and all were once glassy Azurite but a good portion has pseudomorphed over into Malachite, creating a color combination and surface texture contrast that is truly stunning. 
The crystals spread out in a fan and all are terminated with some having chisel-like terminations. There is no damage here. The shorter crystals in the fan feature complex terminations resulting from some matrix influence. This is a competition quality miniature and one of the finest I've ever seen.
From Kerrouchene (Kerrouchen), Khénifra Province, Meknès-Tafilalet Region, Morocco.

Measures 5.6 cm by 3.7 cm by 2.5 cm in total size.
Ex. J. Webb Mineral Collection