Deep Green Dioptase on Quartz

Dioptase |

Formula:CuSiO3 · H2O
Colour:Emerald Green, blue-green

Dioptase on Quartz
Locality: Christoff Mine, Kaokoveld Plateau, Kunene Region, Namibia

Deep green crystals , some doubly-terminated, here reach about 1.5 cm and are clustered richly on quartz matrix. This specimen is pristine , except only for a few tivial peripheral crystals to the left or bottom depending on how you display it. It looks good horizontal, and vertical both. The crystals are sharp and 3-dimensional and "pop" out at you - looking for all the world as if they were glued onto the quartz matrix, because they are so remarkably freestanding! A choice cherrypicked specimen. When shipped to us, it was a protected pocket, from which this was trimmed out carefully.

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