The Largest Gem-quality Diamond Ever Found

The Star of Africa, or the Cullinan 1, is a massive 530 carats and
tops the sceptre of the British Crown Jewels. It is about the size of a chicken egg.

The Cullinan Diamond was a large gem-quality diamond weighing 3,106.75 carats (621.35 g) discovered at the Premier No. 2 mine outside Pretoria, South Africa, on 26 January 1905. It was named after the chairman of the mine, Thomas Cullinan.

It was cut into several polished gems, the largest of which is named Cullinan I or the Great Star of Africa, and at 530.4 carats (106.08 g) it is the largest clear cut diamond in the world.

It was the largest polished diamond of any colour until the discovery in 1985 of the Golden Jubilee Diamond (545.67 carats (109.134 g)), also from the Premier Mine. Cullinan I is mounted in the head of the Sovereign's Sceptre with Cross. The second-largest is Cullinan II or the Second Star of Africa; at 317.4 carats (63.48 g) it is the fourth-largest cut diamond in the world, and is mounted in the Imperial State Crown. Both diamonds are in the Crown Jewels.

The Largest Gem-quality Diamond Ever Found
The largest gem-quality diamond ever found
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