Normal fault (Bartlett Wash, Utah), Photo Credit: Haakon Fossen

If you interested in Geology or have the passion to become a geologist one day. here are some facts you should put in mind:

Graphical representation of Earth's history as a spiral
1. The earth is really, really old. 4.5 billionish, this is long enough for lots and lots of very slow processes to occur. We know how old it is by using radiometric dating. By comparing the proportion of various isotopes of elements to each other and using statistics. There is virtually no doubt on the subject (within a few tens of millions of years).
This clock representation shows some of the major units of geological time and definitive events of Earth history. The Hadean eon represents the time before fossil record of life on Earth; its upper boundary is now regarded as 4.0 Ga (billion years ago).
2. A few million years is a short time, get used to that.

law of superposition diagram
3. Law of super position,  says about things on top being younger than things on bottom, etc.

Uniformitarianism diagram
4. The present is the key to the past. Basically, the same processes occur today that happened in the past. Also the world is your laboratory, you can't do geology entirely behind a computer or in a lab, you have to go out and lick rocks.

5. Yes, really lick rocks. Use all your senses.

Bowen's reaction series
6. There are a lot minerals, its overwhelming, but there are a lot fewer common minerals. Minerals fit into categories, and the categories are relatively easy to differentiate. Finally, Bowen's reaction series tells you what you should find together. So if you think you've found Muscovite and Olivine in the same rock, you may want to reconsider. Speaking of which, memorize Bowen's reaction series.

The Mohs scale of mineral Hardness
7. Two Geologists Came From Arizona, Overly Quiet, Though Constantly Drunk. or 1 Talc, 2 Gypsum, 3 Calcite, 4 Fluorite, 5 Apatite, 6 Orthoclase, 7 Quartz, 8 Topaz, 9 Corundum, 10 Diamond. The Mohs scale of mineral Hardness

The continents move around.

8. The continents move around. Basically because they're made of lighter rocks and they're floating around on a slowly circulating liquid.

Geological hammer
9. Learn to swing a hammer. Watch your fingers, and wear eye protection.

10. Geologists drink beer, pack a lot of it. If you're in charge of the budget for a field camp, yes, its a required expense.

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Linda Glaman said... December 3, 2016 at 5:39 PM

Geologists are mobile...be prepared to move or travel.

The Fred Marx said... December 3, 2016 at 5:53 PM

You'll see some amazing, some beautiful, and some god awful places. Sometimes all at the same location, but from different eras.

RPatton said... December 4, 2016 at 9:42 AM

Phone batteries die. Learn to use a Brunton.

Crystal Lirette said... January 27, 2017 at 1:27 AM

Future geologists should know that the earth is actually flat, and that the richest people in the world lied about everything, and that math was invented, not discovered.

Unknown said... April 3, 2017 at 4:08 AM

Please be kidding....