Roselite Crystals

Crystals of Roselite
Crystals of Roselite. Photo: Domenico Preite

Roselite (sometimes called alpha-roselite to distinguish it from its triclinic dimorph, beta-roselite) is a rare cobalt arsenate from the oxidation zone of cobalt arsenide deposits. It owes its name to the mineralogist Gustave Rose of the University of Berlin. It occurs in small elongated prismatic crystals, pink to purple and purplish red, frequently grouped in spherolitic aggregates. It is a rare mineral coveted by collectors because of its attractive color.
Roselite is a secondary mineral that can be found in cobalt-rich hydrothermal deposits at localities including Germany, Bou Azzer, Morocco, and Spain, among other localities.

Formula: Ca2(Co2+, Mg)[AsO4]2·H2O
System: Monoclinic
Colour: Rose-red, pink; rose ...
Hardness: 3½

The specimen in the photo is From: Aghbar Mine (Arhbar Mine), Aghbar, Bou Azer District, Tazenakht, Ouarzazate Province, Souss-Massa-Draâ Region, Morocco.

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