What Do Memorial Diamonds Look Like?

What Do Memorial Diamonds Look Like
What Do Memorial Diamonds Look Like? Memorial Diamonds by Algordanza

Most diamonds have a bluish color because the human body contains traces of the chemical element boron. Sometimes, though, a diamond comes out as white, yellow, or even black.

Memorial diamonds are produced from hair or ashes, with other carbon ("lab carbon") added as necessary.

The human body is 18% carbon. 2% of this carbon remains after cremation, and it is this carbon uses to make their diamonds

How Do Human Ashes Turn To Diamonds?

Memorial Diamond creation process are:
  1. A chemical agent is used to extract carbon from the individual's cremated remains.
  2. The carbon is heated to high temperatures to convert it to graphite.
  3. The graphite is placed on a machine that mimics the high heat and pressure of the Earth's upper mantle, where natural diamonds form. The graphite material is compressed and heated (at 2,500°F) for weeks or months — hundreds of millions of years faster than the rate at which diamonds are produced in nature.
  4. A human diamond is formed! Once it cools, the client can have it ground and cut to shape, or even engraved with a laser.


What Do Memorial Diamonds Look Like
Memorial Diamonds

The process costs between $5,000 and $22,000, depending on the diamond's size. Once diamonds have been cut, clients can pay to place them in almost any setting: rings, pendants, earrings, etc.
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