Rare Caledonite Crystals
Rare Caledonite Crystals. Credit: Christian Rewitzer

Caledonite is an uncommon mineral found in the oxidized zones of copper-lead deposits. Caledonite, whose name derives from Caledonia, the historical name of its place of discovery (Scotland), is a richly colored blue-green sulfate-carbonate mineral of lead and copper with an orthorhombic crystal structure. Given that caledonite is found in oxidized copper/lead deposits, it is frequently found in association with other copper and lead minerals.

 From: Victoria, Pozo Almonte, Iquique Province, Tarapacá Region, Chile

Luster: Vitreous
Crystal system: Orthorhombic
Mohs scale hardness:    2.5 - 3
Luster:    Vitreous
Streak:  Green-white; blue-green