Workers Dug Into A Nest Of Dinosaur Eggs 80 Million Years Old

Many fossils of dinosaur eggs were accidentally found during construction in Wuning county, Jiangxi province, eastern China.

Fossilized dinosaur eggs of 80 million years old dating back to the early and mid-Late Cretaceous period have been found in East China's Jiangxi Province, which is of great significance for paleontological research during the Late Cretaceous period. They were discovered by a worker driving an excavator, who then reported it to the local authorities.

The dinosaur egg fossils discovered this time are preserved in nests, with all three dinosaur eggs are nearly round and well-preserved. In addition to the three dinosaur egg fossils that have not fallen off from the nest, other seven dinosaur egg prints can also be identified on the rock, researchers introduced.

According to the microscopic structure of the eggshell, the scientists also identified that these eggs were coral eggs of the family stalagmite, which had appeared in several other places across the country.


Workers Dug Into A Nest Of Dinosaur Eggs 80 Million Years Old
Fossilized dinosaur eggs found in Wuning county, East China's Jiangxi Province
Photo: Courtesy of Wuning County Museum

The new discovery helps to fill the gap of dinosaur fossils in Jiangxi province and has great significance for the study of paleontology, distribution status and habitat of dinosaurs in the Late Cretaceous. 

Scientists also identified based on the microstructure of the eggshells that these eggs were Stalicoolithidae Coralloidoolithus, which once appeared in the Late Cretaceous strata in East China's Zhejiang Province and Central China's Henan Province. At present, these several dinosaur egg fossils have been collected by the local museum in Jiangxi.

From a series of discoveries of dinosaur egg fossils in recent years, Chinese scientists have noticed a continuous decline in dinosaur diversity that occurred at the end of the Cretaceous period.

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