Anniversary Gemstones by Year

Celebrating anniversaries is a beautiful way to cherish the journey of love and commitment with your partner. One of the most cherished and timeless ways to mark anniversaries is by exchanging gemstones, each symbolizing the strength and endurance of the love shared. These anniversary gemstones, designated for specific years, carry not only sentimental value but also a fascinating geological history.   

Here's a guide to anniversary gemstones, along with their significance:

First Anniversary: Gold

The first anniversary is traditionally associated with gold, symbolizing the precious and enduring nature of the bond formed during the initial year of marriage. Geologically, gold is a fascinating metal. It is one of the least reactive chemical elements, making it resistant to tarnish and corrosion. Gold is often found in quartz veins, deposited by hydrothermal fluids deep within the Earth's crust. The intricate process of gold formation highlights the geological forces that have shaped our planet over millions of years.

Symbolism: Precious and enduring, gold represents the foundation of your love, its value increasing with time.

Gift Ideas: A gold ring, necklace, or bracelet.

Second Anniversary: Garnet

Garnet, the gemstone for the second anniversary, is a group of minerals known for their deep red hues. Geologically, garnets can be found in metamorphic rocks such as schist and gneiss, formed under intense pressure and heat. The variety of colors in garnets, including red, orange, and green, is due to variations in their chemical composition. Exploring the geological origins of garnets adds layers of complexity to this beautiful gemstone, mirroring the depth of a two-year marital journey.

Symbolism: Passion, strength, and protection. Garnet's fiery hues represent the intensity of young love and its ability to overcome challenges.

Gift Ideas: Garnet earrings, pendant, or cufflinks.


Anniversary Gemstones by Year
Anniversary Gemstones by Year

Third Anniversary: Pearl

Pearls, formed within the shells of mollusks, are the traditional gemstone for the third anniversary. Geologically, pearls are a product of the natural defense mechanism of certain mollusks, which secrete nacre to protect themselves from irritants. Nacre, also known as mother-of-pearl, is composed of aragonite and conchiolin layers. The geological process of pearl formation is a testament to the resilience of nature and the transformative power of time, paralleling the growth and maturation of a three-year marriage.

Symbolism: Wisdom, purity, and beauty. Pearls, formed layer by layer, represent the growth and resilience of your relationship.

Gift Ideas: A pearl necklace, bracelet, or earrings.

Fourth Anniversary: Blue Topaz

Blue topaz, a radiant gemstone, is associated with the fourth anniversary. Geologically, topaz is a silicate mineral that can be found in granite and pegmatite deposits. The stunning blue color of this gemstone is often a result of irradiation and heat treatment, enhancing its visual appeal. The geological processes behind the formation of blue topaz reflect the transformative power of external forces, much like the growth and evolution experienced in the first four years of marriage.

Symbolism: Loyalty, peace, and communication. The calming blue color of topaz fosters trust and understanding in your relationship.

Gift Ideas: Blue topaz ring, pendant, or cufflinks.

Fifth Anniversary: Sapphire

The fifth anniversary is traditionally linked with sapphires, renowned for their deep blue hues. Geologically, sapphires belong to the corundum family of minerals and are typically found in igneous and metamorphic rocks. The vibrant colors in sapphires, including blue, yellow, and pink, are influenced by trace elements present during their formation. Exploring the geological context of sapphires unveils the diverse conditions under which these gemstones crystallize, highlighting the unique journey each stone undergoes, much like the evolving dynamics of a five-year marriage.

Symbolism: Fidelity, sincerity, and prosperity. Sapphire's enduring strength reflects the commitment and stability in your relationship.

Gift Ideas: Sapphire necklace, earrings, or ring.

Sixth Anniversary: Amethyst

Amethyst, a violet variety of quartz, is associated with the sixth anniversary. Geologically, amethyst is often found in geodes within volcanic rocks. The characteristic purple color is attributed to the presence of iron and other trace elements. The geological processes that lead to the formation of amethyst underscore the dynamic nature of the Earth's crust and the beauty that emerges from such transformative forces. In a similar vein, a six-year marriage reflects the strength and beauty that can arise from shared experiences and challenges.

Symbolism: Security, intuition, and peace. Amethyst's calming purple hues promote spiritual connection and emotional balance.

Gift Ideas: Amethyst earrings, bracelet, or pendant.

Seventh Anniversary: Onyx

Onyx, a banded variety of chalcedony, is the traditional gemstone for the seventh anniversary. Geologically, onyx is formed in the voids of lava flows, where mineral-rich water deposits layers of chalcedony. The striking bands in onyx, often alternating between black and white, reveal the intricate geological history of its formation. Just as the layers of onyx tell a story, a seven-year marriage holds the unique narrative of shared moments and experiences that have shaped the union.

Symbolism: Strength, confidence, and self-control. Onyx's deep black color represents the power and resilience of your bond.

Gift Ideas: Onyx cufflinks, ring, or tie clip.

Eighth Anniversary: Tourmaline

Tourmaline, a gemstone with a spectrum of colors, is associated with the eighth anniversary. Geologically, tourmaline is found in pegmatite veins alongside other minerals such as quartz and feldspar. The diverse colors of tourmaline, ranging from pink to green, are a result of variations in its chemical composition. The geological context of tourmaline echoes the complexity and diversity found in an eight-year marriage, where shared experiences and individual growth contribute to the richness of the relationship.

Symbolism: Inspiration, creativity, and love. Tourmaline's diverse colors represent the vibrancy and passion in your relationship.

Gift Ideas: Tourmaline necklace, earrings, or pendant.

Ninth Anniversary: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, a deep blue gemstone with golden flecks of pyrite, is linked to the ninth anniversary. Geologically, lapis lazuli is formed in metamorphic rocks, primarily composed of the minerals lazurite, calcite, and pyrite. The geological interplay of these minerals creates the distinctive appearance of lapis lazuli. Similarly, a nine-year marriage reflects the interwoven experiences and shared moments that shape a deep and enduring connection.

Symbolism: Truth, friendship, and communication. Lapis Lazuli's deep blue color promotes honesty, understanding, and open communication.

Gift Ideas: Lapis Lazuli pendant, bracelet, or cufflinks.

Tenth Anniversary: Diamond

The tenth anniversary is celebrated with diamonds, symbolizing strength, endurance, and everlasting love. Geologically, diamonds are formed deep within the Earth's mantle under high pressure and temperature. The journey of a diamond from the depths of the Earth to its final crystalline form is a testament to the transformative power of geological forces. In a decade of marriage, couples have weathered various challenges, emerging stronger and more resilient, much like the enduring beauty of a diamond.

Symbolism: Eternal love, purity, and strength. The diamond's brilliance and rarity represent the preciousness and enduring nature of your love.

Gift Ideas: Diamond ring, necklace, or earrings.

Eleventh Anniversary: Turquoise

Turquoise, a vibrant blue-green gemstone, is associated with the eleventh anniversary. Geologically, turquoise is formed in arid regions where copper-rich groundwater reacts with minerals like aluminum and phosphorus. The intricate geological processes give rise to the striking colors and patterns seen in turquoise. Similarly, in the eleventh year of marriage, the unique blend of experiences and shared memories contributes to the beauty and resilience of the relationship.

Symbolism: Protection, good fortune, and communication. Turquoise's vibrant blue hues whisper of adventure, new beginnings, and open communication within your bond.

Gift Ideas: Turquoise necklace, ring, or pendant.

Twelfth Anniversary: Jade

Jade, a symbol of wisdom and prosperity, is the gemstone for the twelfth anniversary. Geologically, jade comes in two forms: nephrite and jadeite. These minerals are often found in metamorphic rocks, shaped by intense pressure and heat over millions of years. The journey of jade reflects the enduring strength and transformation that characterize a twelve-year marriage, with each passing year contributing to the unique and precious nature of the bond.

Symbolism: Luck, good health, and harmony. Jade's verdant colors represent the flourishing growth and peaceful balance your relationship has cultivated.

Gift Ideas: Jade bracelet, pendant, or cufflinks.

Thirteenth Anniversary: Citrine

Citrine, a warm, golden gemstone, is associated with the thirteenth anniversary. Geologically, citrine is a variety of quartz that gets its color from traces of iron. It is often found in igneous and sedimentary rocks, showcasing the diverse geological environments that contribute to its formation. A thirteen-year marriage, like the radiant hues of citrine, represents the warmth and vibrancy that come from navigating life's challenges and celebrating shared successes.

Symbolism: Happiness, optimism, and abundance. Citrine's warm yellow hues radiate joy, positive energy, and the ever-growing prosperity of your love.

Gift Ideas: Citrine earrings, necklace, or ring.

Fourteenth Anniversary: Opal

Opal, a kaleidoscopic gemstone with a play of colors, is linked to the fourteenth anniversary. Geologically, opals are formed in sedimentary rocks as silica-rich water seeps into crevices and solidifies. The unique play of colors in opals is a result of light interacting with the silica spheres within the gemstone. Similarly, a fourteen-year marriage reflects the myriad experiences and shared moments that create a tapestry of colors within the relationship, showcasing resilience and adaptability.

Symbolism: Creativity, spontaneity, and transformation. Opal's mesmerizing play of colors reflects the ever-evolving and vibrant adventures you share.

Gift Ideas: Opal pendant, earrings, or ring.

Fifteenth Anniversary: Ruby

The fifteenth anniversary is celebrated with rubies, symbolizing passion, love, and prosperity. Geologically, rubies are a type of corundum, like sapphires, and are typically found in metamorphic rocks. The deep red color of rubies is due to the presence of chromium. The geological processes that create rubies mirror the enduring strength and passion that characterize a fifteen-year marriage, where love has deepened and matured over time.

Symbolism: Passion, love, and devotion. Ruby's fiery red hues represent the enduring flame of passion and unwavering commitment in your relationship.

Gift Ideas: Ruby ring, earrings, or bracelet.

Sixteenth Anniversary: Peridot

Peridot, a gemstone with a lively green hue, is associated with the sixteenth anniversary. Geologically, peridot is formed in volcanic rocks, particularly in basalt and pumice. The green color comes from the presence of iron. The geological context of peridot reflects the resilience and enduring beauty found in a sixteen-year marriage, where the couple has weathered challenges and emerged stronger, much like the gemstone forged in the Earth's fiery embrace.

Symbolism: Harmony, growth, and renewal. Peridot's delicate green color denotes the continual growth, rejuvenation, and harmonious balance within your bond.

Gift Ideas: Peridot necklace, earrings, or pendant.

Seventeenth Anniversary: Carnelian

Carnelian, a warm and vibrant gemstone with hues ranging from orange to red, is traditionally linked to the seventeenth anniversary. Geologically, carnelian is a variety of chalcedony, a form of quartz. It is often found in sedimentary rocks, where silica-rich water deposits create the conditions for the formation of chalcedony. The distinctive orange and red colors in carnelian are attributed to the presence of iron oxide.

Symbolism: Motivation, courage, and confidence. Carnelian's warm orange hues radiate energy, vitality, and the shared courage you possess to face new challenges together.

Gift Ideas: Carnelian ring, bracelet, or cufflinks.

Eighteenth Anniversary: Cat's Eye

The eighteenth anniversary is associated with the cat's eye gemstone, known for its unique optical effect called chatoyancy. Geologically, cat's eye is a form of chrysoberyl, and the captivating effect is caused by the presence of microscopic inclusions. The geological intricacies of cat's eye parallel the depth and complexity of an eighteen-year marriage, where shared experiences and challenges have created a relationship with a unique luster that stands the test of time.

Symbolism: Good luck, protection, and intuition. Cat's eye's mesmerizing chatoyancy represents the fortunate paths you've walked together and the intuitive connection you share.

Gift Ideas: Cat's eye ring, pendant, or cufflinks.

Nineteenth Anniversary: Aquamarine

Aquamarine, a serene blue gemstone, is linked to the nineteenth anniversary. Geologically, aquamarine is a variety of beryl found in granite pegmatites. The delicate blue color is often attributed to traces of iron. The geological formation of aquamarine reflects the enduring tranquility and depth that characterize a nineteen-year marriage, where the couple has navigated life's currents and emerged with a bond as serene as the gemstone itself.

Symbolism: Tranquility, clarity, and communication. Aquamarine's soothing blue hues represent the calmness, clear understanding, and open communication that flows within your relationship.

Gift Ideas: Aquamarine necklace, earrings, or ring.

Twentieth Anniversary: Emerald

The twentieth anniversary is celebrated with emeralds, symbolizing renewal, fertility, and love. Geologically, emeralds are a variety of beryl, and their rich green color is due to the presence of chromium and vanadium. Emeralds are often found in metamorphic rocks, where the interplay of pressure and heat creates these stunning gemstones. The geological context of emeralds mirrors the enduring love and growth experienced in a twenty-year marriage, where the couple has faced challenges and emerged with a relationship as vibrant as the gemstone itself.

Symbolism: Growth, hope, and renewal. Emerald's vibrant green color reflects the continual growth, hope, and new beginnings you experience together.

Gift Ideas: Emerald ring, earrings, or necklace.

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary: Silver

The twenty-fifth anniversary is marked by silver, a precious metal that symbolizes purity, clarity, and the resilience of a lasting commitment. Geologically, silver is often found in association with other minerals in veins within igneous and sedimentary rocks. The beauty of silver lies not only in its aesthetic appeal but also in its resistance to tarnish, reflecting the enduring quality of a marriage that has withstood the test of a quarter-century.

Symbolism: Enduring value, beauty, and adaptability. Like polished silver, your love has gained value and timeless beauty over the years, adapting to life's changes with resilience. It represents the precious bond you've built, stronger and more beautiful with each passing year.

Gift Ideas: A silver jewelry set, a personalized inscription on a silver watch, or a handcrafted memento.

Thirtieth Anniversary: Pearl

The thirtieth anniversary is once again celebrated with pearls, symbolizing the wisdom and beauty that emerge from three decades of shared experiences. Geologically, pearls are formed within mollusks as a result of their natural defense mechanisms. The layers of nacre, composed of aragonite and conchiolin, reflect the transformative and enduring qualities of a thirty-year marriage, where each layer represents a year of growth, resilience, and the creation of a beautiful, enduring bond.

Symbolism: Wisdom, purity, and beauty. Pearls, formed layer by layer, represent the growth and resilience of your relationship.

Gift Ideas: A pearl necklace, bracelet, or earrings.

Thirty-Fifth Anniversary: Coral

The thirty-fifth anniversary is associated with coral, a precious material formed by the accumulation of calcium carbonate from marine organisms. Geologically, coral reefs are intricate ecosystems built over time by the deposits of countless tiny organisms. Similarly, a thirty-five-year marriage is built upon the accumulation of shared memories, challenges overcome, and the growth of a relationship that, like coral, is both resilient and beautiful.

Symbolism: Joy, longevity, and wisdom. Coral, formed by generations of tiny creatures working together, reflects the joyous moments, enduring strength, and shared wisdom you've accumulated as a couple.

Gift Ideas: A delicate coral pendant or earrings.

Fortieth Anniversary: Ruby

The fortieth anniversary is celebrated with rubies once again, symbolizing the passion, deep love, and prosperity that characterize a four-decade-long union. Geologically, rubies, like sapphires, belong to the corundum family and are often found in metamorphic rocks. The rich red color of rubies, attributed to the presence of chromium, symbolizes the enduring warmth and strength of a forty-year marriage, where love has deepened and matured over time.

Symbolism: Passion, love, and unwavering commitment. The fiery red of the ruby evokes the enduring flame of passion and unwavering commitment that burns bright in your relationship.

Gift Ideas: A stunning ruby ring or bracelet.

Forty-Fifth Anniversary: Sapphire

The forty-fifth anniversary is associated with sapphires, representing loyalty, trust, and the enduring commitment shared over four and a half decades. Geologically, sapphires are found in various environments, including igneous and metamorphic rocks. The diverse colors in sapphires reflect the multitude of experiences, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped a forty-five-year marriage, creating a bond as unique and precious as the gemstone itself.

Symbolism: Fidelity, sincerity, and prosperity. The deep blue of the sapphire reflects the unwavering fidelity, honest communication, and shared prosperity you've built together.

Gift Ideas: A timeless sapphire necklace or earrings.

Fiftieth Anniversary: Gold

The fiftieth anniversary is a momentous milestone celebrated with gold, symbolizing the enduring, precious, and timeless nature of a half-century of commitment and love. Geologically, gold is one of the least reactive chemical elements, highlighting its resistance to tarnish and corrosion. A fifty-year marriage, like gold, signifies a rare and enduring union that has withstood the tests of time, emerging as a testament to love, resilience, and a lifetime of shared experiences.

Gift Ideas: A piece of handcrafted gold jewelry, engraved with a meaningful message, symbolizing the preciousness of your love story and the promise of forever.


Anniversary gemstones offer more than just aesthetic appeal; they provide a tangible connection to the Earth's geological history. Each gemstone carries within it the story of intense pressure, heat, and transformative processes that parallel the journey of a marriage. As couples celebrate their milestones, they not only exchange beautiful tokens but also acknowledge the strength and endurance that have characterized their shared experiences. The geological context of these gemstones adds depth and significance to the tradition of anniversary celebrations, making each stone a unique and meaningful symbol of love and commitment.

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