Best 2024 Mineral & Gem Shows In the US

The United States is home to a rich variety of gemstones and minerals, and there are many opportunities to see and learn about them at gem and mineral shows.

These shows feature vendors from all over the country, as well as from around the world, who offer a wide variety of specimens, from common to rare. Whether you are a serious collector or just a casual enthusiast, there is sure to be something for you at a gem and mineral show.You will find amazing rocks, gemstones, minerals, and fossils from all over the world from over tens of dealers! Choose from a large selection of beautiful beads, jewelry and jewelry making supplies.

With literally hundreds of places available to visit and see great minerals from around the world, Mineral Shows have become one of the most important places to visit to see the best mineral collections available.

We list all the gem and mineral shows across America and we update the show calendar every month with the most complete list of rock gem & mineral shows online!

Here is a list of the top mineral shows you can visit  In the next 4 months:

USA Mineral Shows in: JUNE 2024

USA Mineral Shows in: JULY 2024

USA Mineral Shows in: AUGUST 2024 

USA Mineral Shows in: SEPTEMBER 2024

2024 Gem & Mineral Shows In the US
Top Gemstone & Mineral Shows In the USA

So, pack your sense of wonder and get ready to embark on a dazzling journey. Let's uncover the best gem and mineral shows in the USA, where you can witness the earth's beauty in its most captivating forms!