Essentially, Geology is the study of the materials that Earth is constructed of, how those materials are structured, and what processes influence them. Geologists spend a lot of time in the field, conducting research and compiling reports and evaluations. They study the history of the Earth in terms of materials, rocks, and minerals.

It can be a very exciting and stimulating career choice for someone who is interested in the processes that shape the Earth’s surface such as volcanic eruptions, landslides, floods, and earthquakes. If you are interested in Geology as a career choice then continue reading to learn ten reasons to become a Geologist and just how interesting the field can be.

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1. You are interested in the processes that shape the Earth- A Geologist not only studies rocks and minerals but also studies how certain factors like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and floods can help shape the surface of the Earth as well.

2. You can help prepare people for natural disasters- Many Geologists work to study areas that are prone to flooding and volcanic eruptions, thereby alerting people when these natural disasters are about to occur. Geologists have saved many lives this way.
3. You’re interested in the mining process- A Geologist studies rocks that can possess valuable minerals and even coordinate and plan the mines that produce those rocks. In addition, a Geologist might work to locate other natural resources such as groundwater, oil, and natural gases.

4. A variety of job settings are available- Geologists work in a variety of job settings, from government agencies to non-profit organizations and environmental consulting companies.

5. You get to be out in the field- Although some Geologists work as teachers and laboratory scientists, there is still a fair amount of time spent out in the field, conducting research. This can be an incentive if you enjoy working outdoors.

Stunning Opalized Fossilized Wood, created when silica is deposited in the fractures of a rock, or in this case, petrified wood.

6. You enjoy technological work- Regardless as to where they work, all Geologists spend time using computer software programs to compile reports, analyze research findings, and perform calculations.

7. You can specialize indifferent areas- After you obtain your BA degree; you can go on to earn your MA or Doctorate in a specialized area of study such as mineralogy, volcanology, hydrology, or even paleontology.

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8. Room for career advancement- With a higher education, a Geologist can have the opportunity for career advancement within their company. Some go on to become supervisors or managers while others teach classes at universities.

9. Good career outlook- It is expected that in the near future there will be more jobs available in the geology field than there are Geologists to fill them. This is great news for those seeking entry level jobs, career advancements, and job stability in general.

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10. Job versatility- Some Geologists study rock formations on the surface of the Earth while others actually study rocks and minerals found on other planets. Still, others research rocks and minerals found under the sea. The job versatility makes for an exciting and challenging career choice.

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Thomas Capper said... March 4, 2016 at 9:44 PM

I was all for this post until number 7... You don't get a Bachelor or Masters of Arts add geology is a scientific field. I have a Bachelor of Science (BSc) with honours in geology!

Opeyemi said... December 10, 2016 at 9:26 PM

Geology is a very nice course and am also an undergraduate,may God help me to fulfil my dreams


Opeyemi said... December 10, 2016 at 9:27 PM

Geology is a very nice course and am also an undergraduate,may God help me to fulfil my dreams


Brandy Lehmann said... January 26, 2017 at 3:46 PM

You should pass this career choice test to decide for yourself which is the best suitable profession for you.

Star Knight said... January 28, 2017 at 8:07 PM

Really?? An angry, tat, mohawk, dude is the best you can come up with to entice others to become a geologist. By this cartoon, you seem to have taken the reasons (listed above) to become a geologist and thrown it out the window. Geologists are educated, easy going, self confident and easy tempered, not the kind of angry hippie dude you have in this cartoon. If that is how someone is going to appear once they become a geologist, then it's a job that isn't worth the years of education.