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East Coleman Mine (Ron Coleman Mine; Old Coleman Mine; West Chance; Dierks No. 4; Blocker Lead; Geomex), Jessieville, Garland Co., Arkansas, USA

This mine was and is the most productive quartz mine in Arkansas. It has been producing quartz crystals in large quantities since 1943. When it is operating it has produced about 60,000 pounds of quartz crystals a during a good month.

Mine Your Own Crystals in Arkansas

There are few activities more fun than mining your own gems. At Coleman Mining there are extensive premises boasting a huge mine, a gift shop full of decorative quartz and other minerals, an RV resort and a large digging area for the intrepid visitor.

Access: Located on the road which runs alongside Colemans Rock Shop and driving two miles west of Hwy 7, then turn right on Crystal Ridge Road and driving to the top of the hill to the mine, all roads paved, stopping at the office/rock shop at the top of the hill past the campground, to pay your dig fee.
Latitude & Longitude (WGS84):34° 39' 42'' North , 93° 6' 10'' West

Huge clear quartz cluster mined at the Coleman Crystal Mine in Jessieville, Arkansas. Human for scale at Tucson Gem Show

Beautiful quartz crystal cluster found at Ron Coleman Mining in Arkansas.

This giantic natural quartz crystal cluster was mined from the Coleman's Quartz Mine near Jessieville, Arkansas.

World's largest quartz crystals of its quality ever found.
From the Old Coleman Mine in Jessieville, Arkansas, USA.
Ron Coleman Mining
All The photos were shared on Amazing Geologist on Facebook 

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