Amazing Rosette Linarite

Amazing rosette Linarite
Amazing Rosette Linarite. Photo Copyright ©

large group of linarite crystals growing in "limonite" cavity.

Linarite : PbCu(SO4)(OH)2
Crystal System: Monoclinic
Colour: Deep azure blue; deep blue in transmitted light.

Locality: Modrá štola, Zlaté Hory (Zuckmantel), Olomouc Region, Moravia (Mähren; Maehren), Czech Republic

Linarite occurs as monoclinic prismatic to tabular crystals and irregular masses. It is easily confused with azurite, but does not react with dilute hydrochloric acid as azurite does. It has a Mohs hardness of 2.5 and a specific gravity of 5.3 - 5.5.

Linarite was first identified in 1822. It is named after the Linares Plateau, Spain. It occurs in association with brochantite, anglesite, caledonite, leadhillite, cerussite, malachite and hemimorphite.
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