Realgar and Anorpiment and Galena sitting atop Quartz needles

Deep red crystals of Realgar and Anorpiment and possibly Galena sitting atop Quartz needles!

This is an eye catching specimen, with bright red Realgar crystals measuring to 2.2 cm in size. They sit atop and between crystals of clear needle Quartz, some of which are capped by rounded nodules of yellowish-brown Anorpiment and a metallic mineral that may be Galena. Overall, the specimen is in great shape with only a few minor bumps scattered about. Some of the smaller Realgars are incomplete but this is natural and certainly doesn't take away from the much larger, translucent crystals at top center. The Palomo Mine is an old Silver mine which has long been closed. Recently, it has been worked by locals and freelance miners searching for specimens.

From the Palomo Mine, Castrovirreyna Province, Huancavelica Department, Peru.

Credit: The Mineral Gallery, Inc
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