Wulfenite on Matrix

Wulfenite on Matrix
Wulfenite on Matrix. Photo: The Mineral Gallery, Inc.‎‏

Superb specimen featuring large blades of reddish-orange Wulfenite on matrix!

The largest blade in the foreground measures 3 cm in width! This is one of the finest plates of Red Cloud Wulfenite that I've seen in years. They are just not that common at the shows anymore and when a quality plate like this one comes along, it's a true opportunity for collectors who are still looking for a cabinet piece. This specimen is in excellent condition and upon closer inspection I only see one missing crystal - a tiny one near the far left trimming edge. The luster is glassy and the crystals range from nearly transparent to mostly translucent, depending on the side and thickness of the blades. Very well balanced piece with good coverage.

From the Red Cloud Mine, Silver District, Trigo Mts, La Paz County, Arizona.
Ex. Galveston Mineral Collection

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