Benitoite Crystals on Natrolite

Benitoite crystals on Natrolite
 Benitoite Crystals on Natrolite.
Credit: The Mineral Gallery, Inc.

Stunning specimen featuring Benitoite crystals on Natrolite with black Neptunites!

Five Benitoites of various sizes cover the snowy-white Natrolite and all are complete with a good bit of gem material in the tips! The surfaces are satiny to smooth with a soft rolling luster and beautiful Benitoite-blue color. One of the better small miniatures I've seen in a while!
From the Dallas Gem Mine, New Idria District, Diablo Range, San Benito Co., California.

Chemical formula: BaTiSi₃O₉
Color: Blue
Luster: Vitreous
Crystal system: Hexagonal crystal system


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