The Ophiolite system of the Chenaillet Mount, France

Here it comes a new photo from The 3rd year of Earth Sciences and Environment class from Tours's University in France

So we are standing on the Ophiolite system of the Chenaillet Mount approximately at 2400 meters up from sea level. 
it's an LOT (Lherzolite Ophiolite Type) oceanic crust dating from the Upper Jurassic.

Under our fetts there was Serpentinite (upper mantle metasomatised) & behind us you can see some Pillow's lava & gabbro dykes

To resume : 

Class : 3rd year of Earth Science from Tours's University
Country : France
Where : Chenaillet Mount (Alpes) 
What : LOT (Lherzolite Ophiolite Type) with Upper Mantle totaly Metasomatised (Serpentinite), Pillows Lava & Gabbro Dykes & futher you could fine some Radiolarites
Age : Upper Jurassic (~150 Millions Years) in Thetys Ocean
Obduction period : Oligo-Miocene
Altitude : 2400 meters

The Photos credit : Ðimitri Le Gåffric Great thanks to him.

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