Manganoan Calcite perched atop Quartz

Incredible combination specimen featuring a large Manganoan Calcite perched atop Quartz points!

The aesthetics are off the charts and the color of the Manganoan Calcite is so rich and bright pink that you have to look twice to believe
what you're seeing. The structure of this Calcite is completely different from what you normally see in that is is composed of layers of intensely pink, elongated crystals. The Manganoan Calcite measures 12 cm in length and is doubly terminated with a smaller termination on the bottom end. It sits beautifully alongside a cluster of terminated Quartz crystals, some of which have slight greenish inclusions of Chlorite. The largest vertical Quartz crystal measures 9 cm in length. It is accented at the base by a small cluster of light pink stacked Calcites. Overall, this specimen is a true centerpiece, not in size but because of its visual impact. I rarely encounter specimens of such aesthetical quality. This is truly one of those very rare specimens that looks almost too good to be true - but it is. And it's in excellent condition.
From the Huanggang Mine, Keshiketeng Co., Chifeng Prefecture, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China.
Measures 16 cm by 10.3 cm by 9.2 cm in total size.

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