Star Pattern Opal

Star Pattern Opal

Star opal is a type of opal that exhibits asterism. Asterism is a phenomenon in which a star-shaped pattern is visible when the stone is viewed from certain angles. The star pattern is caused by the presence of microscopic spheres of silica in the opal. These spheres act like prisms and refract light, creating the star-shaped pattern.

Star opals are typically found in black opals, but they can also be found in other colors. The most valuable star opals are those that have the most distinct and intricate star patterns. Star opals are also known for their ability to change color depending on the angle of view, which adds to their beauty and value.

Black opals displaying the full colour range from red to purple like this one are the most valuable, but the blaze of this stone is quite exceptional and the shape unique and unusual.

Star Pattern Opal
Star Pattern Opal. Image credit: Cody opal

In the world of Opals, the Harlequin Opal is the one stone that collectors, opal lovers and miners all wish they could find. This is an extremely rare pattern. Some stones may contain just a small part of the opal in this pattern but the pattern needs to encase the whole stone not just one part in order to be called a true Harlequin Opal.

From: Wyoming rush, Wyoming Opal Fields, Lightning Ridge, Finch Co., New South Wales, Australia

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