Cetineite Crystals

Cetineite Crystals
Cetineite Crystals. Collection and photograph: Christian Rewitzer


A hexagonal-pyramidal mineral containing antimony, hydrogen, oxygen, potassium, sodium, and sulfur.

Formula: (K,Na)6Sb3+12(Sb3+S3)2O18(OH)0.5 · 5,5H2O
Colour: Orange-red
Lustre: Resinous
Specific Gravity: 4.21 (Calculated)
Crystal System: Hexagonal 
 Occurrence: From an antimony deposit in highly silicified evaporites, on ore which has been roasted, then long weathered.
Association: Mopungite, s´enarmontite
Name: Cetineite was named after the Cetine mine in Italy, where it was first discovered. 
The specimen in the photo is From: Le Cetine di Cotorniano Mine (Le Cetine Mine; Cetine Mine; Rosia), Chiusdino, Siena Province, Tuscany, Italy
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