Scientists Discover Bronze Age Arrowhead Made Of ‘Alien Metal’

In an astonishing find, researchers have recently unearthed a Bronze Age arrowhead that has left scientists and historians baffled – the arrowhead is made of what appears to be an 'alien metal,' most likely originating from a meteorite. The discovery provides intriguing insights into the technological prowess and beliefs of ancient civilizations.

The research, led by a team of archaeologists and material scientists, was conducted on an arrowhead excavated from the "Susten" archaeological site in the Bernese Alps of Switzerland. The arrowhead, believed to be around 3,000 years old, was initially found in 2012, but its unique composition sparked the interest of researchers, leading to further investigations.

Using a combination of non-destructive testing methods, including X-ray fluorescence analysis and optical microscopy, the scientists were able to determine that the arrowhead's iron composition was not typical of terrestrial origin. It was rich in nickel, a characteristic often associated with meteoritic iron.

Scientists Discover Bronze Age Arrowhead Made Of ‘Alien Metal’
A Bronze-age Arrowhead Made of Meteoritic Iron is a Rare Example of Such Archeological Artifacts in Europe. hofmann Et Al./journal of Archaeological Science

The high nickel content in the arrowhead is a telltale sign that it originated from a meteorite. The presence of cobalt in the iron also supported the extraterrestrial origin, as cobalt is rarely found in significant quantities in naturally occurring terrestrial iron.

This discovery has profound implications for our understanding of ancient cultures and their interaction with celestial phenomena. Crafting an arrowhead from a meteorite would have required an advanced understanding of metalworking techniques, heat treatment, and knowledge of material properties. It highlights the remarkable skills and knowledge possessed by these Bronze Age civilizations.

The use of meteoritic iron in such artifacts could have held special significance for the ancient people. Meteorites, being rare and falling from the heavens, were likely regarded as sacred or special objects imbued with mystical properties.

This finding also adds to the growing body of evidence that shows the historical importance of meteorites in various cultures. Throughout history, meteorites have been used to craft tools, weapons, and ornamental objects, often considered as symbols of power and divinity.

The discovery of the meteorite-made arrowhead serves as a reminder of the immense value and relevance of archaeology and scientific research in uncovering the secrets of our past. By combining archaeological findings with modern scientific methods, we can gain unique insights into the technological advancements and cultural practices of ancient civilizations.

As technology and research methods continue to advance, we can expect more fascinating discoveries that challenge our understanding of the past and offer glimpses into the ingenuity and resourcefulness of our ancestors. The Bronze Age iron arrowhead made from a meteorite will undoubtedly remain a compelling piece of ancient history, inspiring researchers and enthusiasts alike to delve deeper into the mysteries of our human heritage.


The above story is based on Materials provided by National History Museum of Bern

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