New York: Places for Gem Mining in New York

New York Gem Hunting: Ready to Dig for Sparkling Treasures

New York might be known for its bustling city life, but it also holds hidden treasures beneath its surface. For gem and crystal enthusiasts, several pay-to-dig locations offer the chance to unearth beautiful finds and experience the thrill of the hunt from sparkling "diamonds" to the colorful gems. 

Gems Mines in New York

Herkimer Diamond Mines (Herkimer), Herkimer County

This legendary location is the world's source of Herkimer "diamonds," double-terminated quartz crystals known for their clarity and brilliance. They have various public dig areas catering to different experience levels, from casual sifting to dedicated private digging sessions. Amenities include a gift shop, museum exhibits, picnic areas, and even a playground for the little ones. Their website provides detailed information, pricing, and even a virtual tour: Herkimer Diamond Mines

Address: Herkimer Diamond Mines ( 4626 State Route 28 North Herkimer, NY 13350)

New York Rockhounding -  Places to Dig for Gemstones in New York
Herkimer Diamond Quartz

Crystal Grove Diamond Mine (St. Johnsville), Fulton County

This family-friendly option boasts a more relaxed pace and smaller crowds compared to Herkimer Diamond Mines. Public digging areas are spacious and shaded, perfect for a laid-back treasure hunt. They also offer private digging sessions for a more personalized experience. Amenities include on-site camping facilities, a picnic area, and a small gift shop.

They offer public and private digging areas, and their website showcases recent finds and pricing:

Address: 161 Co Rd 114, St Johnsville, NY 13452, United States

Ace of Diamonds Mine and Campground, Herkimer County

Located near Albany, this mine offers a mix of "diamonds" and other minerals like garnets, pyrite, and calcite. Public digging areas are spacious and family-friendly. The highlight is the option for overnight camping, allowing you to extend your gem-hunting adventure and enjoy the scenic surroundings. Amenities include a campground with RV hookups, restrooms, and a small store for snacks and supplies. They offer panning for smaller crystals and a variety of tools for rent. Their website provides details, pricing, and customer testimonials: Ace of Diamonds Mine

Address: 4601 NY-28, Herkimer, NY 13350, United States

Howe Caverns, Schoharie County

While not a digging site, the Crystal Palace guided tour showcases a breathtaking array of calcite crystals and formations. Guided tours take you through a dazzling array of calcite formations, sparkling chandeliers, and hidden crevices filled with crystals. Digging Options: None, purely a cave tour experience. Cavern Experience: Explore the stunning Crystal Palace and other cave formations, learn about geology and crystal formation. 

Their website provides details, pricing, and virtual tours: Howe Caverns

Address: 255 Discovery Dr, Howes Cave, NY 12092, United States

Barton Mine, Warren County

This historic mine focuses on garnets (almandine and spessartine) in various shades and sizes. May also find pyrite, calcite, and quartz. Public digging areas with dedicated "kid zones.", and the site exudes a historical charm. Amenities include restrooms, a small gift shop, and picnic areas.

Website: No website, but reachable by phone at (518) 532-7741.

Address: 1126 Barton Mines Rd, North River, NY 12856

Gore Mountain Gem and Mineral Shop, Warren County

Located in Lake George, this shop is a treasure trove for any gem enthusiast. While not a dig site, they offer an impressive selection of local and international gems and crystals, along with educational resources and tools for aspiring rockhounds. They also organize field trips and workshops, making it a valuable resource for planning your future digging adventures. Their website provides information, pricing, and safety tips: Gore Mountain Gem

Address: 1126 Barton Mines Rd, North Creek, NY 12853

Planning Your Trip:

  • Research before you go: Each location has its own rules, fees, and types of gems available. Contact them directly for the latest information.
  • Dress appropriately: Wear comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes suitable for digging and potentially uneven terrain.
  • Respect the environment: Leave no trace and follow the mine's rules and regulations.
  • Most importantly, have fun! Digging for gems is a treasure hunt in itself, regardless of what you find.

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