World's Largest Uncut Emerald Discovered in Zambia

The world's largest uncut gem-quality emerald has been discovered in Zambia's Copperbelt Province. The emerald weighs a staggering 7,525 carats (1.505 kilograms, 3.31 lbs) and was unearthed in July 2021 at the Kagem Emerald Mine.

Named after the Bemba word for "rhino" due to its prominent protrusion, the Chipembele boasts a deep green color with translucent areas. While its full internal clarity remains unclear due to its uncut state, initial observations suggest it holds true gem quality.

The discovery was confirmed by the Gemfields Group, which operates the mine in partnership with the Zambian government. Chipembele now holds the Guinness World Record for  the largest uncut gem-quality emerald.

"The discovery of the Chipembele emerald is a significant milestone for the Zambian mining industry and a testament to the unique potential of the Kagem emerald mine," said Sean Gilbertson, CEO of Gemfields Group. "We are committed to ensuring that the responsible mining of this exceptional gem benefits the people of Zambia for generations to come."

World's largest uncut emerald
pictures of world's largest emerald that was unearthed in Zambia.

The emerald exhibits a deep green colour with areas of translucence. While its full clarity remains unknown due to its uncut state, it is considered to be of gem quality based on initial observations.

Emeralds, a variety of the mineral beryl, have captivated humanity for centuries. Their vibrant green hues, often described as reminiscent of spring foliage or a deep forest, have been associated with royalty, wealth, and love throughout history. Ancient Egyptians adorned themselves with emeralds, believing them to possess the power of rebirth and eternal youth. The Romans, too, valued emeralds, associating them with the goddess Venus and attributing them with aphrodisiac properties.

The discovery of Chipembele highlights the Kagem mine's potential for producing exceptional emeralds. When eventually cut and polished, this behemoth has the potential to yield numerous smaller emeralds of significant value.

World's Largest Uncut Emerald Discovered
pictures of world's largest emerald that was unearthed in Zambia.

The current ownership and location of Chipembele are not publicly known. It is likely held by a private collector or gem company, awaiting further processing and a future where its brilliance can be enjoyed by the world, either as a single, awe-inspiring piece or as a collection of smaller, exquisite gems.

The future of this extraordinary gem remains veiled in mystery. Will it be meticulously cut and polished into a single, awe-inspiring masterpiece? Or will it be transformed into a collection of smaller, exquisite emeralds? Regardless of its ultimate fate, the Chipembele serves as a powerful reminder of the wonders hidden beneath the Earth's surface and the ongoing quest to responsibly unearth and appreciate these natural treasures.

Largest Uncut Emerald Discovered in Zambia
Largest Uncut Emerald Discovered in Zambia

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