The Rainbow Mountains in Peru very Amazing

Ausangate is a mountain of the Willkanuta mountain range in the Andes of Peru. 

The Rainbow Mountains in Peru very Amazing

The region is inhabited by llama and alpaca herding communities, and constitutes one of the few remaining pastoralist societies in the world. High mountain trails are used by these herders to trade with agricultural communities at lower elevations. Currently, one of these trails, "the road of the Apu Ausangate", is one of the most renowned treks in Peru.
The Rainbow Mountains in Peru very Amazing

The area has four major geological features, the Andean uplift formed by Granits, the hanging glaciers and glacial erosional valleys, the Permian formation with its singular colors: red, ochre, blue and turquoise and the Cretaceous, limestone forests.

The Rainbow Mountains in Peru very Amazing

The Rainbow Mountains in Peru very Amazing

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Kamalesh Kumar said... October 28, 2016 at 9:26 AM

For the duration of your ride you're going to cross through a brilliant green valley with the spectacular Ausangate mountain towering within the distance. You will expertise first hand how locals are living within the mountains and even see them hard at work. As you get towards the Rainbow Mountain you are going to to see the primary indicators of the coloured minerals that fashioned the painted hills. Your guide will give an explanation for what makes up the existence of the Rainbow Mountain, and in the end with one last push you will hike as much as a vantage factor that offers you a 360 measure view of the gorgeous panorama that makes up the sacred land.
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