Unique Annabergite Crystals

Unique Annabergite Crystals
Unique Annabergite Crystals. Photo Credit:  © Jean-Marc Johannet


Annabergite is an arsenate mineral consisting of a hydrous nickelarsenate crystallizing in the monoclinic system and isomorphous with vivianite and erythrite. Crystals are minute and capillary and rarely met with, the mineral occurring usually as soft earthy masses and encrustations.

Formula:  Ni₃(AsO₄)₂·8H₂O
System: Monoclinic
Colour: Green, light grey to ...
Lustre: Sub-Adamantine, Sub-Vitreous, Pearly, Earthy
Crystal habit: Usually as fibrous veinlets, crystalline crusts, or earthy; rare as well formed crystals

From Km-3 Mine, Lavrion (Laurion; Laurium), Lavrion District Mines, Lavrion District (Laurion; Laurium), Attikí Prefecture (Attica; Attika), Greece

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