Amazing combination specimen of Getchellite blades on Stibnite with orange Orpiment!
This is one of the finest Getchellite with Orpiment specimens in existance and is from the personal collection of the miner who discovered the small pocket in 2006. The Getchellite blades are large and sit top to bottom atop the lustrous Stibnite, with a fine flower petal-like cluster at top. This deep red bladed cluster is the most impressive I've ever seen. Getchellite is already a rare mineral and the combination with Orpiment is extremely rare.
From the Twin Creeks Mine, Potosi District, Osgood Mts, Humboldt County, Nevada.
Measures 6 cm by 4.8 cm by 3.7 cm in total size.
Ex. S. Kleine Mineral Collection