Order the Geologic Events From Oldest to Youngest (Solved)

Applying basic geologic principles: Laws of original horizontality, superposition, and cross-cutting relationships explain the order of this diagram with the order of formation:

The oldest layer will be the one at the bottom that was deposited horizontally (based on original horizontality).

Subsequent layers will be deposited on top in chronological order (based on superposition), with each layer younger than the one below it.

Any intrusions (like igneous rock) or faults that cut through existing layers will be the youngest features (based on cross-cutting relationships).

Order the Geologic Events From Oldest to Youngest

What is the order of geologic events that produced the sequence of rocks above?

The answer from The Oldest to The Youngest:

F-P-G-B-R-M-H-A- E-X-D-K-J-S

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