Reddish-orange Calcite crystals with Barite

Fine cabinet plate featuring reddish-orange Calcite crystals with Barite clusters!
This specimen is an impressive piece. It's large in size of course but the crystals are also very sharp and well terminated. I see only one contact near the bottom and this hardly detracts from a plate of this calibre. The surfaces are glassy and the luster is satiny. I might point out that the reddish-orange color appears to be beneath the surface and not a coating. There are sections in each crystal where the Calcite becomes almost semi-transparent due to a lack of inclusion in
that area. I suspect the mineral inclusion is Hematite and without it, this would be lesser piece.
From Torquay, South Devon, Devon, England.
Measures 17.2 cm by 20 cm by 4.8 cm in total size.
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