New Arctic Diamond Deposits Discovered

New Arctic Diamond Deposits Discovered
The 187.7 carat diamond Mine in the remote Northwest Territories of Canada, 220km south of the Arctic Circle.

Arctic Star Exploration Corp is pleased to announce the discovery of a new kimberlite on its 100% owned Timantti Diamond Project in Finland.

Finnish kimberlite expert Dr Hugh O’Brien of the GTK has undertaken petrographic and mineralogical examinations to confirm the new discovery. The new kimberlite is located approximately 230m west of the diamond bearing Black Wolf Kimberlite. There’s no record of this drill core being announced to the public.

In June 2005, previous explorer Karhu Mining Oy, drilled a geophysical magnetic target. Hole D476 intersected a meter of kimberlite in an inclined (-45°) hole located within a zone of extensive alteration and brecciation. 

Dr O’Brien has conducted a detailed petrographic and mineralogical examination of the core from hole D476 and has confirmed that the kimberlite is “A micaceous Group II kimberlite importantly containing abundant indicator minerals including olivine macrocrysts 5mm in diameter.”

Dr O’Brien further stated “This kimberlite is very similar in texture and mineralogy to the rocks that form the diamond-bearing Wolf kimberlites. The existence of this kimberlite close to the Wolf kimberlites strongly indicates that the area is part of a kimberlite field and that the prognosis for additional discoveries in the area is quite high.“

Roy Spencer stated “As has been previously expressed by myself and supported now by kimberlite expert Dr Hugh O’Brien, kimberlites typically occur in fields or clusters and this exciting discovery 230 meters away from the Wolves strongly supports the thesis that we are looking at such a field here north of Kuusamo.

With only a single intersection we do not yet know what form this kimberlite will take but we suspect that the body has not been investigated any further previously, and are glad to add another kimberlite to the pack.”

The above story is based on materials provided by Newsfile Corp.
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