The "Fossil Truck Tire"

The "Fossil Truck Tire" is a giant ammonite fossil that was discovered in 1947 by geologists mapping the coal seams near Fernie, British Columbia.

In July 1947 a field crew mapping coal outcrops for the BC Geological Survey were working in a drainage east of Fernie. A student had reported finding a ―fossil truck tire, hence the name. However, geologists soon realized that it was actually an ammonite. A few years later GSC Paleontologist Hans Frebold described and named the fossil as ―Titanites occidentalis” after the large Jurassic aged ammonites found in Dorset, England.

The fossils size and nature of preservation prevented it from being moved to a museum, and therefore disallowed one of the requirements when naming a new species. Only latex molds were made of the Coal Creek specimen.
The "Fossil Truck Tire"
The "Fossil Truck Tire" a 1.4m wide ammonite (Titanites occidentalis) near Fernie, British Columbia
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Titanites is an extinct ammonite cephalopod genus within the family Dorsoplanitidae that lived during the upper Tithonian state of the Late Jurassic, some 152 to 145 million years ago.

Titanites occidentalis is a member of the family Dorsoplanitidae. This family is characterized by its large size, its ribbed shell, and its sharp teeth. Titanites occidentalis is the largest known member of the family Dorsoplanitidae.

The name Titanites comes from the Greek word titan, which means "giant."

In recent years, the "Fossil Truck Tire" has become a popular tourist destination. Visitors to Fernie can hike to the site where the fossil was found and see it for themselves. However, the fossil is delicate and is at risk of damage from human activity.

The "Fossil Truck Tire" is a very rare find. It is one of the largest ammonites ever discovered and is a valuable scientific specimen. The fossil is currently on display at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller, Alberta.

Location: Fernie Ammonite Palaeo Coordinates: 49°29'04"N 115°00'49"W

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